Atlantic Beef & Sheep Letters Fall 2018

CCIA tag regulations and ABPI protocol
There have been a number of producers that have showed up recently to unload cattle at Atlantic Beef Products Inc. (ABPI) with animals with no CCIA tags (RFID or yellow button tags) or having them in their hands. This is against the Canadian Livestock Regulations and can result in non-compliance for ABPI with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

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Atlantic Beef & Sheep Letters Winter 2017

    I had a lot of respect for Dwayne Black. The first time I met him was at an exhibition. He had just dropped down from the rafters of a cattle barn howling like a coyote. Known as a prankster and for his sense of humour, he’ll be better remembered for the passion for, and love and care that he showed to everyone he came in contact with — people and cattle alike.

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Atlantic Beef & Sheep Letters Winter 2015

ABS: I recently read the article titled “Elite Beef Expo puts best face forward: scaled down showcase shines at the Nova Scotia Provincial Ex” in the Fall edition of ABS. The article discussed how a long-going traditional exhibition has been scaled down to benefit financially. There used to be 100-200 head of cattle at the Nova Scotia Exhibition for the duration of the annual summer show in Truro. This year, the show was capped at 100, with only a total of 89 animals exhibited in Angus, Hereford, Limousin, and Simmental. Exhibitions across Nova Scotia, and more so across Canada, have the purpose of displaying agriculture to those with an eagerness to learn more about the industry. They also give farmers a chance to gather and socialize with others. 

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AB Spring 2014 letters

Great to be


ABS: Well, I just finished reading the Winter edition of Atlantic Beef and Sheep cover-to-cover. What a great magazine full of usable information, especially the sheep information, and it’s great to be recognized in a beef magazine as a complementary sheep industry; well, a thriving sheep industry. Please keep up the great publishing work.

Claude E. Gallant, P.Ag., PEI Sheep Breeders’ Association, Past-president and CSF Director

Vernon Bridge, P.E.I.


Making Maritimers proud

ABS: Hats off to Patrick Holland of Montague. P.E.I., current Maritime Director to the Canadian Junior Angus Association board. In the last issue of Atlantic Beef & Sheep we read of his accomplishments in the World Angus Youth Challenge in New Zealand. Well, guess what, at a recent national Angus Youth Conference, GOAL, in Calgary he earned the Canadian Angus Foundation (CAF) Legacy Scholarship of $5,000.

    This scholarship is provided from the CAF Scholarship program established in 2013. Patrick was one of five finalists selected on academics and the application process. Then there was an interview by Canadian Angus Association members and a moderated panel discussion on industry and Association topics. Patrick topped all hurdles and came home with that award.

    Congratulations Patrick. You make all Maritimers proud with your accomplishments!

Betty Lou Scott, CAF Director and MAA Secretary-Treasurer

Mt. Thom, N.S.

Who’s culling the shots?

ABS: My husband, 80 years young, cut down his herd. He culled four cows and lost one. Our cow count was always 40. Now, with five gone, there would be five less calves to worry about; one-eighth retired!

    We planned to have less cattle to look after this winter. Maybe with less cattle my husband would get in a little earlier for dinner or supper. There would be fewer babies to get sick and need attending in the night.

    We changed our calving season from December and January to September and October so there would be no more cold winter night births.

    It is a start on our retirement! The “babies” started coming in September, right on schedule. Gonna be a good winter!

   So far we’ve had six sets of twins.

Oakley and Leona Richards

Point De Bute, N.B.


Beef/sheep overlap

AB/S: We are sheep farmers that have a subscription to Atlantic Beef and Sheep, so we entirely agree there is enough overlap between the two groups. Often there is great information on pasturing that we can’t find in other publications. We also subscribe to Rural Delivery and look forward to continuing both subscriptions. Here’s hoping to see more sheep content. Thanks and keep up the great magazines for us “little guys.”

The McClares

Newport Corner, Hants County, N.S.


(Thanks to you McClares for dropping us this note. We have had positive responses from others about our merging of fold and herd. Nothing negative so far. At this point we are still in the process of reaching out to sheep farmers and welcome help in this effort.  DvL)