Atlantic Beef & Sheep Letters Spring 2018

Viruses and bacteria
ABS: The “Rib Ends” section of the fall 2017 edition of Atlantic Beef & Sheep contained a condensed interpretation of an article that originally appeared in Alberta Farmer Express. Some readers may have been led to believe that viruses and bacteria are the same. They’re not. Others may be left with the impression that antibiotics are effective against viral infections. They aren’t. 
    We appreciate your mention of research funded by the Beef Cattle Research (BCRC); after all, it’s supported by the National Check-off contributed by beef producers in Atlantic Canada and the rest of the country. If you or your readers are interested in learning more about antibiotic resistance, antibiotic use, and antibiotic alternatives we’ve got plenty of great information at
Reynold Bergen
Science Director, BCRC
Calgary, AB