Who’s culling the shots?

ABS: My husband, 80 years young, cut down his herd. He culled four cows and lost one. Our cow count was always 40. Now, with five gone, there would be five less calves to worry about; one-eighth retired!

    We planned to have less cattle to look after this winter. Maybe with less cattle my husband would get in a little earlier for dinner or supper. There would be fewer babies to get sick and need attending in the night.

    We changed our calving season from December and January to September and October so there would be no more cold winter night births.

    It is a start on our retirement! The “babies” started coming in September, right on schedule. Gonna be a good winter!

   So far we’ve had six sets of twins.

Oakley and Leona Richards

Point De Bute, N.B.