Horse & Pony August-October 2015

Winning with horses

    Winston Churchill said, “There is something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man.” If the smile on the face of our cover girl Maggie Stagg is any indication, it’s even better for the inside of a child. 
    Kids with ponies often have a good handle on real life issues long before they head out into the adult world. Winning, losing, disappointment, and sometimes even grief, all come wrapped up in the horse owning package. 
    The Hornbrook brothers from New Brunswick, featured in this youth issue, know a little bit about all of the above. HP features writer Judith Scrimger drove eight hours for the story, and came home a little awestruck, saying simply “These kids are really living the life.” 
    Maritime riding instructing legend Mary Henry takes a more structured approach to starting children with ponies. In the early days, Henry often taught lessons on the road, from the back of her horse, ponying a child on either side when the ring was unusable. This presented other life lessons – you won’t melt in the rain, and cold is what multiple socks are for. I remember! You can read about Henry’s tried and true methods in this issue. If you want to see them in action, head to a hunter show in Windsor. 
    A collective grief washed over the local horse community when Crosby Stables burned to the ground on June 15. Five horses were lost in the fire, including the hunter-jumper stallion, One Night Stand. The positive influence of the horses imported by Kevin Crosby and Dr. Ross Ainslie in the 1980s – including Fantasts, sire of One Night Stand, is undeniable. Many a lucky rider here and beyond can credit that Latvian blood for the athleticism and great mind of their successful show partner. 
    2015 has been a challenging year for horse owners. HP is making room to celebrate the lighter moments, and the little things that make us smile. Teresa Alexander-Arab starts it off this issue. Maybe you have a story you would like to share. Please submit 500-word essays to Also new is a contest honoring local therapy horses. Details on nominating a special individual for “Atlantic Therapy Horse of the Year” are below. Watch for the winner to be announced in the spring of 2016.
    Also in this issue, Mary McIntosh caught up with N.B.’s Sarah MacQuarrie, who is touring the Maritimes with the RCMP Musical Ride; Nikki Woolaver shares her story of switching disciplines; and Susan Sellers profiles the Canadian Horse during the 350th anniversary of this remarkable breed. Our trusty provincial reporters bring you the details of a busy Atlantic Canadian summer, including Carolyn Wanamaker who we are welcoming back from a short break. Enjoy the rest of the summer and watch for the November issue, when HP focuses on heroes of the horse scene – volunteers.