RD June Letters 2018

Scattering seeds for thought
RD: We took all our magazines to the seed swap to give away. I hope it garners some subscriptions for you. This is a great magazine. 
Jean Dakin
Golden, B.C.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T for R-U-R-A-L
RD: We need respect from government and urbanites so we can stay, make a living, have basic services without having to constantly struggle and not know if we’ll be able to stay.
    I love the information and stories of rural people doing interesting things, and the progressive approach on issues. Just the right amount of “political” in the mix – the great editorial in April (“Take a deep breath,” page 6) is an example. And I always read Pot Luck and Letters.
Helen Forsey
Ompah, Ont.

Petite school, big influence
RD: As usual, the May issue is a wealth of wonderful reading.
    It also touched me quite personally, in the item about the Petite Riviere School (“The school chicken project,” by Jillian Swaine, page 36). The description of the pupils, hatching and raising of the chicks, was delightful.
    Long ago, my middle child and her husband built a lovely house in Petite. Four of my grandchildren have gone to that school and a great-granddaughter will be starting this September.
    The recent years of indecision about the school have therefore been as worrying to me as to the families that live there. It was such a relief when word came recently that the school would continue. I feel it is a very special school, not because my family have gone to it, but because it has always gone beyond the ordinary boundaries of an elementary school. In my granddaughter’s time, a whole history of the area was produced, just to cite one example. There must be many similar projects experienced by other pupils.
    I am sure the exceptional feeling of community and worth to the area was not adequately considered by those who wanted the school closed.
    Thank you for publishing its endeavours to a wider audience!
(Ms.) Obee Benjamin
Dartmouth, N.S.

Where and when is my (magazine) expiry?
RD: I do not recognize the new numbers on the cover of RD now. It was all in black and white a few years back.
    You must keep it very simple for us seniors – we reach a certain age and they put us out to pasture.
    Anyway, all kidding aside, I really do enjoy your magazine. 
Alice Erickson
Chilliwack, B.C.

RD: I did not realize my subscription was due! How about more on poultry, swine and beef nutrition, soil sampling, and soil conditioning for gardeners. 
    I enjoy Atlantic Forestry. RD, however, is getting a little humdrum, but still enjoyable.
Dan Levy
Middle Musquodoboit, N.S.

RD: Please renew my subscription for three more years. 
    Years back, the address label was highlighted to let me know when to renew. I tried to renew online several times but finally gave up.
Ron Herrett
Springhill, N.S.

RD: I am 82 years old and cannot remember when it runs out. Could you include expiry dates with the name on the label?
Velda McSheffery
Moose Mountain, N.B. 

RD: I’ve always valued Rural Delivery and read it cover to cover. I also share it with my Tai Chi teachers and gardening bosses. I usually watch for the reminder on the cover – must have missed it.
    I’m passionate about opera, country living and gardening, reading, Tai Chi, and animals – also a fan of Hope for Wildlife.
    Thank you for the reminder. I’ll try to pay more attention.
Zoë Hansen
Belle River, P.E.I.

(We’ve received a number of missives from our many faithful readers who have not been able to track subscription expiry dates, which are usually found on the mailing label. In a recent changeover to a new system, that information had been omitted from the label. Rest assured that we feel your pain on this, and have been working to fix the problem. Starting with this issue of Rural Delivery, subscription expiry dates should once again appear in their familiar spot on the label. Our apologies for causing such consternation. CA)