Head Office Atlantic Beef Spring 2017

NB Cattle Producers Association
Nominations wanted
by Allison Finnamore
Nominate now! N.B. Beef Producer of the Year
    The New Brunswick Cattle Producers is looking for nominations for its Beef Producer of the Year Award. The award is presented annually to NBCP members in good standing who demonstrate innovative or special farm practices, have completed an environmental farm plan, have a positive farm appearance, and are involved in promoting industry development. 
    Last year’s winner was Trevor Welch of Garvie Mountain Angus in Glassville. Welch’s great-grandfather was the first to visit the land that Trevor now farms with his father, Fred, and son, Taylor. The three raise purebred Angus cattle and are New Brunswick’s only Verified Beef Production registered operation.
    Nomination forms are located on the NBCP website, www.BovinsNBCattle.ca, in the Members/Programs section, or call the office at 506-458-8534. 

Conference is coming
    “Healthy Cattle, Healthy Grass, Healthy Profit” is the theme of this year’s Maritime Beef Council annual conference, March 17 and 18 in Truro, N.S. The conference is another professional development opportunity for New Brunswick cattle producers and provides networking opportunities with cattle colleagues in neighbouring provinces.
    Dr. Dan Undersander and Dr. Dan Schaefer, both from the University of Wisconsin, will attend the conference. Undersander will discuss the importance of high quality forage for cow-calf and feedlot operators, while Schaefer will talk about raising Holsteins for meat markets.
    Also on the agenda are presentations by Bruce Andrews of Atlantic Beef Products on brand management, Ron Stevenson of Metzger Veterinary Services on building a beef value chain with a calf club model, and Ellen Crane, general manager of the Maritime Beef Council, on Canadian beef sector renewal programs. There will also be discussions on cattle data management, traceability programs and what to expect, BIXS, and humane animal handling systems. 
    Registration is $80 and hotel rooms can be booked at the Best Western Glengarry in Truro. Go to http://nscattle.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017-Maritime-Beef-Conference-Save-the-Date-and-Registration.pdf for details.

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(Allison Finnamore is the editor of FCC Express/Agribusiness and Agri-Food Weekly, publications of Farm Credit Canada. She is also an executive member of the Canadian Farm Writers Federation, and the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists. For more information on the N.B Cattle Producers please contact Brenda Macloon at 506-458-8534.)

Maritime Beef Test Station
Preparing for bull and heifer sales
by Kenny Thompson
    The annual Breeding Stock Sale here at the Maritime Beef Test Station is quickly approaching: April 1 at 1 p.m. We have 117 bulls on test this year and in the busy month ahead will be conducting ultrasounds and Breeding Soundness Evaluations on each of them. Up to day 84 (Feb.16), the group was averaging 3.84 lbs. /day gain. They will weigh off test on March 17. You can follow the performance of the group on our website at www.maritimebeefteststation.com.
    I encourage people to come have a look at the bulls prior to sale day if you have the chance. You will be able to get a better look at each bull in a larger area and in their everyday environment. Not everyone will have that option, and we will post videos of each individual bull on our website in early March. It is important to use all of the resources and data available when shopping for your next bull.
    The sale will be live streamed on the website again this year, and anyone wishing to bid by phone should pre-register by calling Brad at 902-893-7455 by March 30.
    There looks to be lots of interest in our heifer consignment sale with 40 quality replacements selling immediately following the bulls. Heifers will arrive at the station in the week leading to the sale so feel free to call or come have a look for further information.
    See you at the Sale!

(Kenny Thompson is manager of the Maritime Beef Test Station in Nappan, N.S. For more information call the office at 902-661-2855.)

PEI Cattle Producers
Levy system delayed
by Rinnie Bradley
    As we head into spring, Prince Edward Island Cattle Producers (PEICP) is gearing up for the implementation of its new levy system. A delay in getting our Levy Order through legal channels has pushed back the implementation date, however, we are still aiming for a start date early this summer. A draft Levy Order outlining the collection process under the new system was mailed to producers last fall. The most significant changes are the increase to the amount of the levy, as well as the requirement to collect levy on every sale transaction. Please stay tuned for further information on the levy in the coming weeks. 
    The Maritime Beef Council is hosting the Maritime Beef Conference on March 17 and 18. Producers are encouraged to come out to the conference each year to hear from those who are leaders in the industry, who are finding innovative ways to produce beef, and those who have a track record of success. These individuals are willing to share their knowledge and we encourage you to come and learn from their experiences. 
    Prince Edward Island Certified Island Beef (CIB) is a proud AAA brand that strives to showcase our smaller, multi-generational beef farmers in the Maritimes. Within the past year, the brand has grown to new heights with the inclusion of calves from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. With growing popularity for both producers and consumers, it is expanding at a rapid pace. All farmers who raise cattle for CIB must attend a Humane Handling Workshop, sign an affidavit that they are following production protocols, and are completing traceability reports to ensure the cattle are Maritime-born. Each farm that signs onto the brand must have an on-farm audit. Don’t let the word audit deter you from joining the brand, as it is simply a third-party review of your operation to ensure that you are providing conditions that are conducive to producing healthy animals in a safe, comfortable environment with good-quality feed and clean water. The CIB animals are processed exclusively by Atlantic Beef Products and all animals are traceable from the farm of birth to the processor.
    For those who are not currently on the brand and may be interested in participating, we encourage you to contact Jena Nicholson, CIB Brand Coordinator at 902-368-2229, or visit the CIB tab on the PEICP website, www.peicattleproducers.com/index.php?page=cib.
    The PEICP continues to deliver the On-Farm Deadstock Removal Service to beef producers. Invoices for the coming year will be going out in mid-March. If you have questions concerning your Deadstock Removal fee, we encourage you to contact the office to review the information we have on file. We thank those who have participated in the past. This service ensures the proper disposal of deadstock which keeps our environment free of carcasses that invite predators, and prevents odours that are unwelcome to our neighbours. We appreciate the dedication of Maritime Pet Foods in delivering this service, even under challenging circumstances. 
    As we continue into 2017, we will continue to seek new opportunities for producers. Your input is always welcome.
    The board of the PEICP invite you to attend our annual meeting at the Farm Centre in Charlottetown on April 6 at 6:30 p.m. We hope to see you there.

(Rinnie Bradley is the Executive Director of the P.E.I. Cattle Producers. She can be reached at 902-368-2229 or by email at cattlemen@eastlink.ca.