Dalhousie Agriculture names Beef Chair

Beef "greatest emphasis" for Brazillian-born researcher

Dr. Yuri Monanholi has been named to the recently established Beef Chair at the Dalhousie Faculty of Agriculture in Bible Hill (formerly the Nova Scotia Agricultural College). The following biographical sketch comes from the Canadian Simmental Association.

Yuri Regis Montanholi was born in Lençóis Paulista, Brazil. In 2001 he received his vet degree, after several internships in a diversity of areas including zoos, fisheries, dairy, horse medicine, small animal clinic and beef production – the latter of which has always had the greatest emphasis.

While at vet school Yuri had the opportunity to participate in a Brazilian federal government program of assistantship to poor communities in the northeast of Brazil. He later did his Masters at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in the area of production and management of beef cattle.

In 2004 Yuri received a scholarship from CAPES (Brazilian Government Foundation for the Coordination of Higher Education and Graduate Training) for a PhD program in Canada at the University of Guelph. He conducted his research on the application of infrared thermography, feeding behavior and cellular aspects of the liver and intestine to access feed efficiency in beef cattle. Yuri also presented his PhD research findings in several conferences.

In 2006 and 2007 he participated in the Canadian Animal Science Society meeting where his poster and oral presentation where awarded. In 2007 he received the prestigious Frank Baker Memorial Scholarship from BIF (Beef Improvement Federation) with his article entitled “Genetic improvement in beef cattle for feed efficiency: increasing our understanding of the biological basis”.

In November 2008, Yuri received the Tewolde Family Award from the World Association of Animal Production during the 10th World Congress on Animal Production. In 2009, Yuri engaged on a post-doctoral project to study several aspects of the beef cattle biology including the circadian variation of heat production, methane production, gut and liver physiology, heart rhythms’, hormones and metabolites levels in beef cattle with distinct feed efficiencies. 

In January of this year Dr. Montanholi was named a Research Associate at the University of Guelph.