Atlantic Beef & Sheep has company Fall 2016

DvL Publishing takes on farm trade title

    “Farm Focus on the move” was the headline for a press release August 10 announcing transfer of ownership of the Farm Focus farm trade journal from TC Media to DvL Publishing Inc. 
    With the addition of Farm Focus, our staff in the Liverpool office and working from home offices will be responsible for five publications and associated websites. In addition to Rural Delivery, which celebrated its 40th birthday in June, there are Atlantic Forestry Review, Atlantic Horse & Pony, and Atlantic Beef & Sheep magazines. 
    Taking on the publication of Farm Focus represents opportunity and challenge. “A huge and humbling responsibility,” we said in our press release. And so it is. But the region needs a comprehensive farm newspaper and we intend to try our level best to provide it.
    Up to now we could leave hard farm news to others, if we wished, while focusing our own sights on whatever drew our attention.
    That is not good enough for a paper of record. Our goal with Farm Focus is to be where one looks for news about government programs and policy, about new research, matters of controversy – of giving all sides a fair shake, and about people who have been, or are, influential in the farming community. 
    There is a lot of responsibility in this undertaking. Fortunately, it is going to be shared. Already we have received encouraging assurance from many with a stake in agriculture that they look forward to working with us in the revitalization of Farm Focus.
    For the time being I will be serving as editor and publisher of Farm Focus, with substantial help from Heather Jones as assistant editor.
Welcome aboard.  DvL