Source: CFGA
In 2014 Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his U.S. and Mexican counterparts committed to “establish a working group to ensure the conservation of the Monarch butterfly, a species that symbolizes our association.”

That commitment resulted in the formation of national working groups in each country for the conservation of migratory populations of Monarch in North America. Chad Anderson has been representing CFGA on the Canadian working group. Led by the Canadian Wildlife service, and with representatives from conservation organizations, discussions are underway to look for meaningful action to lower the risk of extinction over the next five years.

Three broad actions are in the planning stages. One is to conserve habitat through collaborative initiatives, such as the Trilateral Monarch Butterfly Sister Protected Areas Network and the CEC’s Engaging Farmers and Other Landowners to Support Monarch Butterfly and Pollinator Conservation project in 2015-2016.
Another is cooperating in research to develop a framework to integrate government, academia and civil society programs, along with volunteer citizen science efforts, for Monarch monitoring in such a way that it can drive adaptive, landscape scale conservation planning across North America.
A third action is to improve education and outreach across North America, working together to identify key audiences and develop complementary communications materials to increase their impact and strengthen coordination.