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Marketing and Ad Sales Manager

DvL Publishing is the producer of four magazines dedicated to farming, forestry and rural life in Atlantic Canada, in addition to various show guides and directories.

Job Description:

•    Promote and enhance revenue generation in all ways (subscriptions, book sales, and new avenues to profits) available to the company.
•    Promote the DvL Publishing Inc. "brand" in all possible ways - through traditional print advertising, and all social media opportunities presented through and its subsidiary websites, twitter and Facebook accounts, and other opportunities as developed or as they present themselves.
•    Promote and build paid circulation for all publications - individual subscriptions, other subscription programs, and counter sales.


Set Objectives
•    Plan, organize, direct and counsel sales staff to meet objectives.
•    Establish monthly, quarterly and annual budget by sales list.
•    Achieve forecasted sales by following your written plan of action.
•    Monitor each salesperson’s daily performance and compare it with that of their monthly objective.
•    Understand departmental financial data to determine (and get in front of) what is (or isn't) happening.
•    Achieve a minimum expectation of department profitability.

•    Meet weekly with each salesperson to review tasks performed and planned.
•    Offer coaching, support, motivation or information they need in order to assist ad sales reps in meeting their sales objectives.

Manager sales department
•    Responsible to manage a personal list of accounts that represent all industries, and accounts for minima 15% of company annual budget.
•    Constructively handle any complaints as it relates to the sales department

•    Develop/research and implement training for the sales team that develops selling skills.

Conduct sales meetings
•    Prepare, in advance, and hold weekly sales meetings.

Maintain a self-development program
•    Constantly strive toward continued professional growth for sales management skills, as well as selling skills for yourself (and your team).

Customer follow-up
•    Supervise the proper use of the customer log by each sales person.
•    Review the customer log for trends that indicate where additional assistance might be needed or successes shared.

It is expected that the marketing and ad sales manager would spend 60% of their time working directly in ad sales, developing special projects and on internet/social media initiatives, and 40% of their time in marketing, building circulation and subscription growth. 

Salary and commission — or commission only — to be negotiated.


You must include a cover letter with your application. Please send to With apologies, DvL Publishing Inc. will only be able to respond to those applicants meeting basic qualifications for this position.